Welcome to BEST WESTERN Klassique Sukhumvit

BEST WESTERN Klassique Sukhumvit The BEST WESTERN Klassique Sukhumvit is the first klassique hotel in Thailand, conveniently located at the heart of Bangkok and is within walking distance from Sky Train (BTS) and less than 30 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Representing the marquee of Best Western International, it is a marvelous location that allows the hotel to offer convenient access to many of Bangkok's local attractions. A modern Thai hotel of classic and contemporary style, the property is designed to meet the needs of individual travelers, tourists and business executives, as well as international groups and corporate. A popular choice for the leisure traveler, the BEST WESTERN Klassique Sukhumvit offers good value for your money. Bangkok's legendary commercial district with its great shopping and entertainment venues is literally steps away. Within easy reach of the Sky Train (BTS) station.The 45 guest rooms are sumptuously appointed and feature Thai, klassique and contemporary designs. All guest rooms have been designed for luxurious relaxation and absolute comfort. Styled with exquisite fabrics and woods, the decor is klassique. Every corner is a display of a healthy and vibrant ambience suitable for a family holiday or a leisurely retreat; you'll surely find rest and a renewed drive to face more of life's greatest adventures.Ideal for any type of guest, from couples to small groups, all rooms at the Best Western Klassique Sukhumvit are spacious, non-smoking and air-conditioned. From short stays to lengthy retreats, our rooms are also designed for comfort. Known for our warm friendly service and reasonable rates, the BEST WESTERN Klassique Sukhumvit offers the most affordable rooms in Bangkok. City Center 1 DOUBLE BED - 1 DOUBLE BED,NSM,SUP,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY 2 SINGLE BEDS - 2 SINGLE BEDS,NSM,DLX,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY,FULL BREAKFAST 2 SINGLE BEDS - 2 SINGLE BEDS,NSM,SUP,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY 1 DOUBLE BED - 1 DOUBLE BED,SMK,SUP,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY 2 SINGLE BEDS - 2 SINGLE BEDS,SMK,SUP,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY 1 DOUBLE BED - 1 DOUBLE BED,NSM,DLX,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY 2 SINGLE BEDS - 2 SINGLE BEDS,NSM,DLX,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY 1 KING BED - 1 KING BED,NSM,GDL,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY SUITE-1 DOUBLE 1 SINGLE - SUITE-1 DOUBLE 1 SINGLE,NSM,WIFINT,COFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWER ONLY 1 DOUBLE BED - 1 DOUBLE BED,NSM,SUP,WIFINT,CFMKR,SFE,MINBR,SHWERONLY,FULL BREAKFAST